Taking wheatgrass daily ensures the bodySUPPLEMENT and NATURAL REMEDY more powerful and effective because it acts on the most relevant dimensions thanks to the contribution of Chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, proteins of vegetable origin, antioxidant enzymes (P4D1, SOD), calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, cobalt, zinc and amino acids

We strongly believe in TWO MILESTONES

1.HEALTH is a CHOICE to be pursued without compromise

2.HEALTH is '' LEARN '' and must be respected

WE CANNOT ACCEPT COMPROMISE in choosing and offering to the market THE BEST QUALITY OF WHEAT GRASS both by origin and production chain and by format of consumption (Wheatgrass Juice allows you to keep all the Active Ingredients and the highest concentration of Chlorophyll alive). Our uncompromising vision requires us to select a product that is certified according to the strictest assessment categories in each production step (from organic soil to heirloom seeds, to freeze-drying, to oxygen-proof protective seals) to guarantee consumption of the highest quality with positive effects on the body in the immediate and long term

HEALTH should be a compulsory discipline in school, because the risk of leaving our development and maintenance to improvisation is too high. Each of us, broadly speaking, should be able to count on Basics capable of bringing added value to the quality of life, at least as regards the maintenance of the organism ... with obvious benefits on mood, self-esteem and the sense of 'Existence

EATING WELL is the first pillar of healthy health. FEELING WELL means providing our body in a balanced way with all the nutrients it needs to strengthen itself and to take advantage of the indispensable daily energy needed

LIOVERDE IN FACT EXCEEDS THE MOST COMMON VEGETABLES BY 22 TIMES, practically increasing the protection of your body by 2200% in a simple and natural way


Nutritional values ​​per 100 g. of product *


186.0 Kcal


30 - 37 g.


11.7 mg / g.

Total fat

0 gram.

Vitamin A

36.200 IU

Vitamina B12

5.3 mcg.

Vitamin E

5.7 IU

Vitamin K

3.270 mcg.


630 mg.


25.0 mg.


380 mg.

Beta - Galactosidase Enzyme

> 1.000 Units / g.

Beta - Glucosidase Enzyme

> 300 Units / g.

Acid - Phosphatase Enzime

> 2.300 Units / g.

Alpha - Mannosidase Enzyme

> 2.100 Units / g.

Superoxide - Dismutase Enzyme

> 6.200 Units / g.

 * values ​​may be subject to slight variations depending on the production lot




- What is the difference between wheatgrass and food supplements?

Wheatgrass grows through a process called germination. Sprouts are a complete food since they contain all the essential nutrients along with the enzymes needed to assimilate them. Dr. GH Earp-Thomas, a well-known American scientist and nutritionist, isolated hundreds of elements in wheatgrass and concluded that this was the best of all herbs and a complete food in itself. Wheatgrass powder is a natural food, which works as a "health enhancer", thanks to its high nutritional value balanced by nature. On the contrary, artificially formulated supplements may contain some elements in excess and present a deficiency in others (enzymes and amino acids) that act as catalysts for their absorption. This results in the waste of many useful elements. This nutrient gap explains why wheatgrass is therefore better than synthetic vitamins and laboratory-prepared supplements

- Why is chlorophyll so important?

The main component of LIOVERDE is chlorophyll, a pigment found in the green leaves of plants, herbs and especially in wheat grass. Chlorophyll transforms solar energy into energy useful for the development of the plant, behaving as if it were a kind of living pile. Chlorophyll is also a source of antioxidants, very important in protecting the body from the negative effect of free radicals

 - What are the enzymes contained in LIOVERDE for?

Enzymes and amino acids are responsible for cell renewal and participate in a large number of functions, such as the ability to neutralize and digest toxins. Enzymes are essential for carrying out all the vital actions of the organism, from thought to catabolic action and movement. Their activity tends to decrease with age and with an increasingly debilitating quality of life, so our endogenous enzymes must be enhanced with exogenous enzymes to be ingested through food. In general, in wheat grass they are present in large quantities and with a strong bio-stimulating activity, in the case of LIOVERDE our wheat grass, cultivated and processed with particular care, is rich in bioactive enzymes. In particular the superoxide dismutase, SOD, a real "super hero" in protecting cells from free radical damage. Another rare natural enzyme is P4D1, a powerful cell regenerator

- What is the usefulness of vitamins A - C - E naturally contained in LIOVERDE?

 Wheatgrass juice provides as much pro-vitamin A as we find in deep green salads and most fruits. Pro-vitamin A is essential for promoting normal growth and development, for good eyesight and for reproduction. Wheatgrass contains about the same amount of vitamin C as other essential foods for our diet, such as citrus fruits, fruit or vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes. As is known, vitamin C is important for the health of the skin, teeth and gums, eyes, muscles and joints as well as helping growth more generally and acting as an antioxidant. Without enough fat-soluble vitamin E, we would be faced with muscle wasting, infertility, and slower healing of wounds and infections. Vitamin E, an antioxidant and fertility vitamin, also protects the heart

- What is the usefulness of the Magnesium contained in LIOVERDE?

There is as much magnesium in wheatgrass juice as there is in broccoli, beets, carrots, or celery. Magnesium is important for the proper functioning of muscles, and for intestinal health

What is the usefulness of the iron contained in LIOVERDE? 

Iron deficiency can generate profound tiredness or make many women become anemic, for example, due to iron loss. Inorganic iron can often cause constipation, but the ferrous salts of wheatgrass are free from side effects.

- LIOVERDE is it made with organic wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is organically grown and certified by USDA / NOP Quality Assurance International and Kosher by Orthodox Union.

- LIOVERDE does it contain gluten or yeast?

No, it's 100% GLUTEN FREE: the freeze-dried juice comes from the green leaves of the growing wheat and not from the grains of the wheat. The green leaves unlike the grains do not contain gluten, so they are a type of food suitable for those who have intolerance to it.

- LIOVERDE does it help to lose weight?

Powdered wheatgrass can be a natural and safe weight loss aid. Often unbalanced diets cause nutritional deficiencies thus causing fatigue and increased appetite in many people during a weight loss diet. LIOVERDE helps to overcome any nutritional deficiencies, thus avoiding side effects. To promote a slimming process, it is necessary to take LIOVERDE about 30 minutes before lunch and not in the morning as for a normal regenerating intake and not linked to weight loss goals

- LIOVERDE is it useful for hair?

One of the most visible signs of the action of LIOVERDE is an accelerated growth of hair and nails due to the high concentration of active ingredients and the rebalancing of PH in the body

- What is the best way to take LIOVERDE?

It is preferable to take LIOVERDE in the morning on an empty stomach or about 30 minutes before lunch (for those wishing to reduce their appetite). It is recommended to dissolve LIOVERDE in cold liquids or at room temperature (hot liquids would destroy the active enzymes contained in wheatgrass). Take immediately after preparation to prevent oxidation. 

The recommended administration period to get the first results is 3 months. It can be used all year round without contraindications, it does not interfere with other drugs

- What juices can be mixed with wheat grass?

Vegetable juices such as celery, carrot, cucumber, beet, all naturally raw and preferably organically grown, are well suited to wheat grass juice. For children, apple and carrot are the most suitable because they are sweeter

- How to store LIOVERDE?

It is good to protect LIOVERDE from light, humidity, sun and heat sources by keeping it in its original jar with the cap tightly closed.
It is not recommended to keep it in the refrigerator to avoid condensation

- Why is it not possible to eat freshly cut wheatgrass?

The tender blades of freshly cut grass are fibrous and woody due to the cellulose and therefore not suitable for the long and complex human intestine. It is therefore necessary to extract the juice in order to take advantage of its benefits



The growing interest on the part of public opinion towards organic foods has favored the increase of studies by the scientific community on their impact on health and the environment. The literature on the subject is quite polarized in positions and schools of thought. Obviously LIOVERDE has always considered every point of view legitimate but, in a broader perspective in terms of Sustainability, strongly believes in respecting the agrosystem and the environment and therefore in crops that do not require synthetic substances, but only those of origin organic and natural

However, entering a little more into the history of this powerful natural food, without bothering with anecdotes on how the ancient peoples between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean area used Wheat Grass as a natural medicine, we can establish a precise moment when in modern times the product is he claims


Wheatgrass as the most powerful Super Food in Nature is a recent conquest and we owe it to Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994), considered by all to be the '' pioneer '' of this food. His absolute dedication to wheatgrass comes from his direct experience having consumed it in juice to heal his health that was in poor condition

Immediately following this `` physical and mental rebirth, '' his mission for over 35 years was to promote natural healing through his Boston Schools, the Hippocratic Institute and the Ann Wigmore Foundation with organic diet programs, raw foods and live and demonstrating wheatgrass usage in over 30 countries

The Doctor argued that Intoxications and Deficiencies are the causes of all diseases: "Wheatgrass juice helps the body to perform its natural self-healing function ... and is perhaps the most suitable nourishment because it provides the body with all the elements it needs, in the easiest form to digest. Once freed from the task of digestion, the body can devote its energy to healing itself ... When we return to Nature, we realize that by following its laws we can live a full life, free from fear, stress and disease ''

With these messages Ann Wigmore contributed in the Eighties to a significant revolution in the world of nutrition, demonstrating the essential curative contribution of Nature, administered in its organic nutrients by virtue of the Active Principles necessary for the balance of the human organism.

Today, Dr. Wigmore's legacy is carried on by the Wigmore Foundation in New Mexico and the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, one of the world's most famous alternative medicine centers and a reference point for the Movement.

Starting from this first milestone in raising awareness on the regenerative / integrative effects of Wheat Grass, a movement of loyalists around the world is passionate about the consumption of this very powerful 100% BIO Super Food. In the contemporary era there are many luminaries, doctors, health professionals who recommend the Wheat Grass as part of therapies and support


Interview with Professor Luciano Pecchiai, Primary Pathologist at the “V. Buzzi ”in Milan, expert in Human Eubiotics

 Because wheatgrass has such miraculous properties

Because Nature is miraculous at the moment of germination, when all the active ingredients contained in the seed come into action. Until the seedling has reached 20 cm some substances are not there yet, while after that they are gone

What are these substances?

The composition of wheatgrass is a real mine: it contains essential amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements that catalyze enzymes. Of particular note is vitamin B12, which according to many researchers is absent in plant products, while instead it is produced during the growth process.

 That action plays the wheat grass?

Perhaps it might seem excessive to call it a panacea for all ills. In truth, beyond the particular healing actions, the real result that will be obtained will be a better psycho-physical well-being, greater resistance to fatigue, better academic performance and a strengthening of the body's defenses.


Interview Doctor Daniela Messori, Plastic surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery e Reconstructive 

'' I have been prescribing wheatgrass for years for various diseases. I have noticed that its intake in the pre-operative period helps in rebalancing the entire immune system by increasing its defenses, preparing patients to overcome the operative trauma with less difficulty by readily re-establishing the hemoglobin rate (i.e. it fights pre and post-operative) and improve the healing process

In fact, wheat grass contains a high percentage of chlorophyll which has a molecular structure almost identical to that of hemoglobin: for this reason it is called "vegetable blood"

Chlorophyll has antioxidant, nourishing and oxygenating properties of the tissues. The other components of wheatgrass are made up of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and biologically active water. For this reason, I consider its use important in all interventions but especially in cases of tumor pathology (see breast reconstruction after mastectomy for neoplasm) or in autoimmune diseases (see interventions on the hand in patients with RA). I ​​prescribe wheatgrass also in cosmetic surgery, especially in procedures such as liposuction where blood loss is expected

Another important effect can also be seen on the skin… which is the litmus test of our well-being and internal balance. So I support anti-aging treatments on the face such as fillers, botulinum, revitalizing wheat grass for its great anti-free radical power, oxygenating the tissues with consequent improvement of skin texture and brightness ''