GRAIN GRASS, the best for thirty years! A family story since 1990 '' in love '' with a Product capable of offering an effective and real impact on Health thanks to the richness of the benefits brought by the Active Ingredients kept at maximum concentration and as well as mixed directly by Nature. With passion and respect we have grown, produced and then chosen the Best Quality of Wheatgrass, guaranteeing a very short value chain and without passing through the laboratory. Practically from the field to the glass!

The Great Adventures often arise by chance. Even the Great Stories but they have a beginning and an end… this instead is the Story of a Great Adventure. It starts with a `` Once upon a time ... '' but continues, it is still in full swing and is geared towards a clear and bright future
The Light of an idea born 30 years ago on the sidelines of a Yoga lesson, in the fervor of a conversation on the importance of balance between physical activity and nutrition.
At the time, at the beginning of 1990, when we began this journey by bringing the best quality of Wheat Grass to Italy, the context was not so ready and accustomed to concepts such as '' Natural Integrator '' and '' Organic ''. Concepts certainly not yet popular nor attractive in the full explosion of '' fast '' and mass consumption, built on large distribution chains and on a concept of very high production
Yet, convinced that a Deep Focus onthe importance of a natural, rich and balanced nutrition was the '' secret '' to live better and take care of yourself, we focused everything on the only element that seemed '' invincible '' to us: the Wheat Grass as a unique element in Nature for its richness of characteristics and capable of having an effective and real impact on the health of people and the Planet

From here LIOVERDE: '' LIO '' because it is '' liquid '', due to the fact that the immediate extraction of the juice from the freshly picked plant allowed to keep alive all the powerful active ingredients. '' GREEN '' because the very high concentration of Chlorophyll guaranteed the product a very lively green color, as per Nature

With exaggerated passion and above all with that almost magical feeling that a great adventure was beginning, we insisted on dedicating ourselves to the Wheat Grass without compromise and supported by a vision of the world centered on balance and harmony with Nature in all. its manifestations
At the time, we started as producers by learning about the miracle of life that self-generates through each cycle and through the impatience of waiting and the wonder of birth-flowering. We have always thought that in order to sell or talk about a product you need to know it, to be able to pass all the details and characteristics with sincere words
Then we became more and more demanding and felt the need to offer a product of even higher quality: our commitment led us to find an American company with highly innovative cultivation and processing methods (only the United States managed and are able to guarantee a certified process of such high quality) that with seriousness and without shortcuts manages to preserve the best that mother nature offers us
LIOVERDE is therefore produced with an exclusive American cold patent and is presented as an extraordinary nutritionally rich powder, full of energy, free of vectors with a delicate and clean taste, soluble in water or liquids.

LIOVERDE offers its customer the Wheat Grass with the highest certification ranking in terms of production standards, quality and nutritional values

Today the company sees, in family continuity, the enlightened management of Benedetta who, together with her young and brilliant team, carries on the founding values ​​and love for the product trying to communicate it and raise awareness of younger consumption ... L '' attention to the health and balance of the organism are critical factors that have no age and are cultural elements to fight for always and in every period of life