Golf to experience Nature - LIO VERDE

Golf is the playful aspect of life par excellence

Golf takes its energy from Nature

Green, the color of leaves, trees and nature, transfers to the player the positive energy of living in harmony with the world and with oneself

Playing against yourself imposes a challenge against Nature

Nature always wins but the beauty is being part of the challenge

In a frenetic modern society where some important daily values ​​are often '' forgotten '' such as the quality of thought, the ability to accept oneself and the dedication of time, Golf represents an intellectual and physical need of the person that helps to rediscover the essence of life

Healthy living leads man to this dimension: physical and mental well-being

The psycho-physical well-being that one feels to be immersed in the immensity of Nature leads you to an even deeper sense of inner well-being... the steps walked between natural silences and open spaces, the concentration of thought that brings you closer to the next shot ... where the fear of making a mistake dissolves in the wonder of energy

Your calculation and your choice will decide if that ball that you will see flying high in the sky will approach the flag ...just like in life: the intensity of your every thought and action will decide how close you are to the result or dream. It is you who, with yourself, test yourself by approaching or overcoming all limits

By playing golf, you experience every shot as if it were a challenge against the green

Nature needs to be respected and the golfer has an obligation to respect it

Golf is a sport that was born '' for a few '' but which is becoming '' for all '' more and more exponentially ... because everyone loves to be immersed in this clean and pure green setting. The game is good but it is one of the richer pieces of a puzzle where the game is combined with the whole. And this is why more and more children are approaching Golf… more and more families are choosing Golf as an inclusive space to be all together in a moment so full of inclusive beauty. The community, the children playing on the green but also in the green spaces around. The community chatting between a challenge, a clean breath and a shared lunch

Golf for children - LIO VERDE

Golf, by choosing to expand its '' accessibility '', has extended the possibility of building a moment of great well-being at 360 degrees: immersion in Nature, respect for the environment, silence and concentration, physical training, strategy and precision, fun and values ​​of sport, community and relationship

The values ​​that LIO VERDE expresses are the same as those of a golf player. Its characteristics and working processes make the product suitable for what a player dreams of from the very beginning ... Concentrating and identifying with the world around you becomes a fundamental aspect of the game and only through a healthy and correct diet can this happen ... GREEN LIO is perhaps the most complete BIO Super Food to guarantee this physical and mental well-being, relying on the highest concentration of all the Active Ingredients necessary for a good balance for a healthy and harmonious organism ... and then the CHLOROPHYLL, perhaps they are biased, but being so green and so fundamental for its regenerative and purifying capacity, it is the perfect natural bridge between sport and nutrition

Nature, greenery, well-being make you a more '' complete '' person in psychophysical harmony ... exactly like Golf

I wait for you on the Green!

Luca Colombari


LUCA COLOMBARI He has been a professional player since 2005 and Pro FIG Master (Italian Golf Federation) since 2010, CONI golf technique teacher at the first athletic trainers golf course. He taught in the best clubs of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta (Moncalieri Golf Club, Riva dei Tessali Golf Club, Cervino Golf Club, Le Fronde Golf Club) and was Golf Organization & Operation Manager at CLUB MED for Italian villages and Portugal. Passionate about Golf, he followed the Piedmont Golf School Project for the Piedmont Region as creator and professional manager. He collaborated with the newspaper Tuttosport


LUCA COLOMBARI collaborates with LIO VERDE within the BLOG `` PENSIERI LEGGERI '' because, as a Professional Sports Instructor, he expresses a full alignment with a healthy lifestyle and immersed in the beneficial capacity of Nature and all that is BIO, in the broadest sense of `` knowing how to regenerate vitality, harmony, health, freshness ''