What you know between head and heart is THE IDEA that will revolutionize the world. And that punctually arrives suddenly while you are engaged in something else ... often you are bogged down in very boring or duty dynamics that you cannot break away from. But you think `` OK, when I'm done I dedicate myself to this bomb idea ''

… That you will no longer remember the exact moment you are free to dedicate yourself to it. Like a Universal Law that is confirmed and repeated without mercy. And no matter how hard you try to reconstruct the mental context in which it was born. It won't come back! Mathematical! so it is useless, you will be there with the braised face of who knows that he has missed the Train for a New Life

But don't be embittered, you are in good company: we all do this! relying on a memory bombarded with stimuli and burdens, where memories are able to take root after a very strict selection at the entrance. How to get into Johnny Depp's birthday party after clearing security. The rest stays out

The same happens with thoughts and ideas that crowd our mind during the day. To protect us from hyper-information bombardment, our memory selects the memories it deems most relevant or exciting and preserves them to preserve their value. So, you will say, the IDEA BOMBA is both rich in value and a generator of emotion… why don't we remember it? Because we have not '' lived '' it and then tried it within a synaesthetic or in any case semi-real experience. It did not leave us with scents, tastes, physical sensations, noises… maybe just a few images while viewing. But it's not (yet) a piece of us

We must be able to glue it or hold it at all costs exactly when thought is generated and crosses us without permission. Vibrating with energy and hope but without grips to fly onto our smooth walls

So the guru-advice of the day is: have a small space to instantly write down everything you '' know '' about genius. If you are a girl, a notebook will not excessively burden your beautiful handbag, if you are a bold young man surely a couple of post-its will not inflate your elegant wallet too

Obviously a micro-pencil ... unless you can write in the air