''I'm going for a walk ''… How many times has this exact combination of words had the effect of a Positive Magic on your psychophysical state? You were arguing with someone or you just couldn't find the right concentration to move forward with your work / study or you were totally at the mercy of apathy, sadness or depression. Either you just opened a window on a beautiful sunny day or was part of your holiday disposal plan

I leave you the memory of your exact situation ... but you all said the same magical words "I'm going to take a walk". And you said them like this, in the same order for all the same. Because? Because everyone has always said it ... since the Night of Time, when man interrupts a phase and before entering the next '' he goes for a walk ''. The Pharaoh left the Library of Alexandria in 3000 BC as the Machine Learning professor at MIT in Boston last Thursday

That's right, walking is good and affirming it is not a Nobel discovery. The health impact of good walking is well known: oxygen to the lungs, movement to the joints, cardio exercise and sweating are good for you. But there's more ... and that's why '' I'm going to take a walk '' is the universal key to switch between a Before and an After, the lock pick to unlock a jammed or oiled gear. Walking with ourselves gives us the Time of Thought. While walking we talk to each other. In the wonderful silence of our mind where only we can listen to each other and say everything we want to say

From our secret to the most surreal thought, from trying the declaration of love or ruminating on a choice. We sing while we walk, we repeat the lesson and we translate into English what we will say in the meeting, we will go back and forth between memories and dreams ... So we give ourselves that moment of decompression that we don't have anywhere else. If we are with others we interact, if we are alone in a place we remain still in a specific thought or action but without dialogue, stuck in the inertia of the situation

All the most '' great '' characters in history walked before making decisions, inventing, creating and unleashing their greatness. Aristotle he discussed philosophy walking back and forth through the Peripato, the garden of the Lyceum of Athens. Other great philosophers like Nietzsche o Heidegger they couldn't help but "take a walk" to enter a deep state of thought flow. Rousseau he felt alive and free when he wandered on foot, in solitude and sheltered from the noise pollution of the urban chatter and without a walk he could not meditate. Lace he was a professional walker and, of course, so punctual in the times of his walks in Königsberg that it gave rise to the legend that everyone set the clock as he passed. Charles Darwin he was tireless in need of two walks a day. To stay in the contemporary era, even Steve Jobs he often scheduled his meetings by strolling around the Apple campus

Because if oxygen is the key to cell turnover, walking is obviously the best thing to do. According to a study conducted by Marily Oppezzo and Danile L. Schwartz for Stanford University creative thinking improves as a person walks to reach the climax soon after

It doesn't matter where you walk, the importance is in the act of walking. At every step a thought and, especially in a historical moment like this dominated by haste and hyper-everything, every thought we give ourselves is a gift. It makes us live, it makes us exist as individuals and frees the deepest nature of what we are, of the most intimate and true Self. Our inner voice is the only thread that binds us to our origin. You may be seventy-five but you will always feel like you hear the same inner voice as you did when you were five.

It is your stream of consciousness that flows unhindered, it is your self-psychoanalysis, your confession and your playroom. But also a gym for absolute concentration. Whether you walk along a mountain stream or in a town square, the value is the same: you are giving yourself Time For You. I would like to continue talking about it for hours but "I'm going to take a walk"