Proper nutrition è a balance between usò what we eat, how often and in what quantitiesà. There are no foods that absolutely lose weight or gain weight, or miracle foods or others to be considered "poisons" for our body

EATING WELL DEPENDS ON US, IT IS OUR DAILY CHOICE, that we can learn from an early age, thanks to the example of parents, our family and the community we belong to

Eat well è a simple act, if we think about it. E' a daily act, which becomes part of our routine to the point where we often forget how important it is. Yet it is essential to choose what we decide to eat, every day, because our health is linked to what we eat

When it comes to nutrition thereò that matters it is though the total: it is the lifestyle we choose to follow that makes the difference and not the single '' allegedly miraculous '' food. Lifestyle that affects not only what we eat, but also our physical and psychological well-being

To feel good it is necessary to increase our food awareness, learn to choose and take responsibility for our choices. Seasonal foods, mostly coming from the vegetable world, possibly whole, simple raw materials, "good" fats. Small daily tricks that in the long run make a difference in our general health

In a reality that is often frenetic like the one in which we live, engulfed by daily commitments, a useful support canò come from LIO VERDE, supplement able to provide our body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential to help preserve our health

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I deal with nutrition both in the clinical setting and as a freelancer e I love the fact that in this profession it is necessary to carry out a work as a craftsman, tailor, listening to each patient and evaluating from time to time what is the best approach to follow to achieve the objectives, without losing sight of the latest scientific evidence. I also deal with scientific dissemination through lectures at schools and companies in the Italian territory

I graduated in 2012 and started collaborating with the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital and subsequently with the Molinette in Turin. At the same time I dedicated myself to freelance activities, working in doctors' offices in Turin and Rivoli. My passion for training led me to become a trainer for Slow Food Italy on issues related to healthy nutrition, food sustainability and school catering. Subsequently I began to collaborate as a consultant with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, dealing with the training of foreign students and employees of partner companies of the same University.


Doctor Paola Durelli will support, with her competence and passion, the LIO VERDE World through the pages of her Thematic Column `` WE ARE WHAT WE EAT ''. He will share with all of us stimuli, advice and proposals in the nutritional field, making available to the wonderful LIO VERDE Community elements of attention and useful guidelines to cultivate that necessary Balance between Body and Mind of which nutrition is an irreplaceable pillar.

Anyone wishing to get in direct contact with Dr. Durelli for opinions, advice, information and insights can refer to the email address