During these weeks of lockdown, where you need to keep your mind active and fresh to avoid falling back into bad habits, LIO VERDE launches the "Challenge Detox" social contest with the hashtag #lioverdechallenge, a challenge from November 10th to December 3rd with well-being and proper nutrition shots. The campaign was designed to support us in this difficult moment, to release the serenity that comes from the endorphins of the good mood of sport and the pleasure of seeing us improve every day, without getting lazy and letting ourselves go.

How?. By committing in these weeks to eat healthy food and practicing from home (or outdoors) at least half an hour of physical activity, sharing their good practices on LIO VERDE social networks (Facebook e Instagram.), tagging LIO VERDE (@erbadigrano_italia for Instagram and @ErbadiGranoLioVerde for Facebook) in their recipes with thehashtag #lioverdechallenge, posting photos / selfies and videos / stories of yoga, pilates, meditation or running activities, talking about their emotions and providing advice on how to feel good - also thanks to the energy and detox power of LIO VERDE - in these months in which we are all put to the test.

Learning to take care of your body and mind, to love yourself, to eat healthily, to perform a sporting activity every day can become fun by leaving the mental scheme of seeing diet as a sacrifice and sport as a fatigue. A challenge that comes at a time of crisis that pushes us to transform negativity into an opportunity for personal growth.

The purpose is to create a online container with the hashtag #lioverdechallange, where you can find the best of the physical and mental wellness experiences of the green and detox community of LIO VERDE which is sustained without judgment: unity is strength, especially now that we are far apart. Whoever gets the most likes on their posts on December 3rd will win the 6-pack MAXI LIO GREEN pack! (value 240 euros).

In difficult moments it is important to create a support network, making positivity and hope go viral, supported by the charge of energy that only LIO VERDE can give!