LIO VERDE is in the kitchen

What if wheatgrass was that "secret ingredient" in the kitchen that no one had thought of yet? In addition to giving a pleasant taste based on the dishes it is paired with, it is the best way to provide the right nourishment in each course. 

Until now we have always thought that wheatgrass could be taken as a shot or mixed in centrifuged fruit and vegetables. But in reality this is not the only way.

In fact, wheatgrass can have a double value: in the first place that of natural medicine to be taken daily to improve your well-being every day. In recent times, however, its characteristic of "food experience": a food of the soul able to satisfy both body and mind. LIO VERDE is a superfood rich in vitamins able to give a pleasant taste to all palates.

We have therefore created an ad hoc column #lioverdeinthekitchen for all those like us interested in experimentation in the kitchen and looking for new ones gastronomic experiences with healthy foods, such as the inclusion of edible flowers in dishes, an ever-growing romantic trend.

La kitchen, especially in the last months marked by the Coronavirus health emergency, it has proved to be an excellent method for safeguard psychophysical well-being: a fun way to relax and experiment with new dishes with healthy foods that boost ours immunitary defense.

But how is it possible to use wheatgrass in the kitchen? Definitely in the form of powder, so you can dose it with a teaspoon and add it according to your taste. There is only one important rule to follow: never cook it. Why? Otherwise, with cooking, we would risk losing all the nutrients and active ingredients that remained alive thanks to the freeze-drying process that made it a very fine powder.

Lio Verde in this gastronomic column is the spokesperson for the concept for which what is on the plate is not only a food that feeds us, but it is also our medicine to stay healthy, as Hippocrates already stated: "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

Lio Verde is the choice of those who want to eat well with taste and stay strong.

So let's start our column with the first dish to share: una bowl with banana, Greek yogurt, raspberries and wheat grass, an ideal mix to get the right boost all day long!

A autumn smoothie rich, greedy and full of energy

A thick fruit smoothie to decorate and enrich with what we like best: currants, blueberries, oat flakes, chia seeds ...

A complete breakfast suitable for the whole family. Wheatgrass always adds that extra magic touch!

Here is the recipe:

🌱150 g of raspberries
🌱 200 g of Greek yogurt
🌱1 banana
🌱2 teaspoons of honey
🌱1 teaspoon of GREEN LIO wheat grass

Your first food experience is yours!