We all need to have a next door microcosm of positivity, a flow of energy that allows us to live peacefully... we often find a way to create it or find it in the charm of the oriental world, whose culture has come into our "European habits" for many years to help us improve various aspects of daily life. A practical example of all this can be provided by Feng shui - the ancient art of Chinese and Tibetan origin to avoid the negative influences that can affect homes.

Without wishing to disturb his sacred principles according to which a house to be well built should be square or rectangular and have a '' green dragon in the east '', a '' white tiger in the west '', a '' black turtle in the north. '' and the '' red phoenix in the South '' (obviously in their allegorical translation), the space we live in is a source of energy. Positive or Negative. And this has an incredible influence on our mood and the direction we give to our day, if not to our existence. Therefore, without necessarily having to retrieve an architecture degree or a tutorial as an interior designer, let's try to imagine how the arrangement of the things that make up our thing could change for the better. With immediate aesthetic benefits and with no less evident and relevant, humoral and spiritual impacts.

Taking advantage of natural light, using our beautiful lamps well, creating harmony with the well-aligned figures or clearing everything up and creating '' our disorder ''. A few plants to breathe, photos and paintings without exaggerating. Objects alternating with empty spaces ... Or, if we really can't make it, let's move house :)

Even the company of a domestico animals helps reduce stress ... nothing compares to unconditional joy to go home knowing that a faithful four-legged friend is waiting for you! In support of this thesis there are also scientific studies that show how interaction with animals reduce levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and blood pressure. Other research has found that "beloved home fluffers" can too decrease the sense of loneliness, increase feelings of social support and improve mood.

In the same way, like the serene atmosphere of our home, even wheat grass can help us find the right energy and the natural energy to face everyday life with a smile! Seeing is believing ;)