That's where you spent your wonderful summers as a kid. And it is always where you hated to spend the eternal days of your adolescence. The same location lives in this bipolar approach: YOUR COUNTRY HOUSE!

And that's where you will probably return for this strange summer where uncertainty reigns supreme between what can and cannot be done, between where one can and cannot go.

When in doubt, prepare Plan B which could instead turn into a real need ... and maybe, who knows, unexpectedly recreate a little big magic. By undermining your prejudices accumulated in these years of travel abroad, weekend blitzes and `` suogno '' holidays

And you will discover that after months closed in an apartment without a balcony and / or terrace that beautiful lawn where you and your sister chased lizards 40 years ago is wonderful and finally lets you breathe.


But above all it commits your children who miraculously detach themselves from you and start running, chasing each other, inventing their time by getting rid of the Club Med entertainer hat you have worn for countless days. CHILDREN CAN PLAY IN FREEDOM and you can enjoy the well-deserved relaxation that by now knew of utopia for hardened optimists

And the grilled lunch tastes good. And the walk in the village tastes like Sano. And the bicycle, the horses, the milkshake in the square, the shopping from the immortal old vegetable grower with the same face as 40 years ago, the cool in the evening, that air that has always remained Quell'Aria. And that she tastes like home ... and for this season we can embrace her again and make her feel important again

With gratitude, I recommend ...