Winter: friend and foe?

OK thewinter it's beautiful. Even if in this particular year we will not be able to live it in all its magic, in all its richness of situations we are used to. But it's nice. With its clean cold, with its clear sky and the air that carves the clear shapes on the horizon. Its beautiful horseback rides of a year that ends and one that begins. With the light that seems to change in a click of the switch, passing from the dark light on the credits to the open light in the new one that arrives. Have you never been guided by the suggestion that in the first days of January you have the clear feeling that the light is different, that you are already moving towards the lengthening of time? Well thewinter is rebirth, like a blank page that opens and offers itself to our pencil to draw new lines and new paths. The resolutions, the promises, the programs, the projects, the dreams… they all start in winter. To advance during the year and perhaps forever or to break into a thousand splinters of regret

But rightly winter is a month in which it's cold. And it is as trivial to recognize it as it is obvious to consider it impacts on our health. In winter you get sick more easily, all the symptoms of flu and colds, various blockages, muscle contractures converge. In general, the body is more exposed to illness, to resume the vocabulary of the grandmother in the armchair. "Cover up or you'll take a damn", these are the indelible words of those who knew a lot. Almost as good as the 'tie your shoes or you will tumble'. Those words that annoyed us precisely because, in their annoyance, they always took us. So we feel like recovering all popular wisdom and re-proposing the most obvious but wise warning "IN WINTER TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF''

Especially this winter, we would like to suggest. Where to take care means a healthy attitude towards one's body, one's organism and also towards an increasingly important psychological balance to be able to overcome such insidious and impactful challenges. Health passes throughBalance, which becomes the Magic Word and Good Practice

Before leaving you to some significant considerations that try to decline the phases of Wellness, LIO VERDE was keen to wish you holidays that are really good... not so much as a cliché or recurring verse from this period, to be repeated out of habit. But because we really deserve to have at least some peaceful holidays, even if reformulated by restrictions we are not used to. And we wanted to remind you that Wheat Grass is always at the service of the Body's Wellbeing due to its very high concentration of natural active ingredients and nutrients capable of strengthening the immune system and restoring energy to body and spirit. Good Practices are something we do for ourselves to be able to offer others the Best Version of Us. And this only comes through health and balance. In what we do, we think, we eat ... above all what and how we eat

The point is not the role of food in our life but the energy vitality contained in the food we choose