Health is a question of balance. Every day we make decisions that affect our existence that can make us stay in perfect balance or push us towards a downward spiral that often leads to disease. The disease is not the result of a single misstep but of a series of bad choices, each with a different name (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, poor hygiene, stress, work environment, bad relationships, pollution,. ..). The signs of the disease however they are known to all: fatigue, poor digestion, weight gain / loss, confused thoughts, allergies, headaches, pain in the limbs, pressure, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases up to symptoms of more serious diseases. Regardless of the type of disease, with due proportions, the process is as follows: the cells begin to lose their vital force and jam, the metabolism begins to malfunction, the organs weaken, toxins are deposited in the most weak. Until you can't get enough oxygen

So the Health rebuilding process is similar to when we have to renovate the house and therefore, first of all, it is necessary to do a good and thorough cleaning. Since the house is yours, you are the '' construction manager '' and decide the speed and timing of action, but also those who '' live '' the house during the works. If you have ignored the warning signs you may find yourself in a situation where repair takes longer or even replacement. But everything always happens in front of your eyes and, either because you have minimized or ignored the signals, you inevitably arrive at a key moment: becoming aware of the fact that we need to act and perhaps the time has come to review habits and start a new path ... which we try to summarize in 4 phases 

1 - CLEAN: the path to the recovery of health starts with a major cleaning, every infestation must be checked and any damage repaired. First of all it is necessary to stop the `` poisoning '' of the blood and tissues caused by a diet that creates too much acidity. To counteract a blood that is too acidic it must be alkalized with a diet based on raw foods rich in enzymes. Better to avoid foods contained in jars and cans and instead consume fresh products, if possible grown directly in the garden. The Wheat Grass in this context is the Queen of living foods due to the fact that it concentrates all the active ingredients necessary for the balance of the organism. It's best to eliminate sugars (unless they come from fruit), use the juice extractor and blender more, and limit the microwave instead. It is time to clean up the blocked parts and restore vigor to the digestive system. Revitalize the liver for example with a manipulation or with wheatgrass juice. The human body is a Milky Way of millions of cells that combine to form tissues and glands, every minute we breathe new atoms and expel old ones (in six weeks every liver cell is constantly renewed). What are the foods that promote this renewal? It is a matter of conscience: we must stop treating the stomach as a disposal and composting container and instead live it as if it were a garden, establishing a rising cycle that leads to rejuvenation and a balanced state of health. You will immediately notice a decrease in weight, a more reactive mind, brighter eyes, better concentration, greater energy and vitality

All treatments begin with a `` detox '' phase. Cereal herbs, especially Wheat Grass, thanks to the content of active chlorophyll, behave in our body as a cleanser because they detoxify the liver, cleanse the intestinal tract of impurities and re-oxygenate the blood, removing heavy metals from our body.

2 - FEEDOnce the house is clean, it is time to rebuild and this is the new start you need. We are what we eat. Contemporary society, even in reaction to stress and frenetic rhythms, overloads the body with so much superfluous excess that it either becomes fat or remains to ferment in the intestine, creating a favorable environment for yeasts and parasites. If we want to rebuild, fresh and raw `` living foods '' are the best foods, rich in enzymes and organic. 

The point is not the role of food in our life but the energy vitality contained in the food we choose

3 - REJUVENATE: once we have cleaned the house and strengthened its structure, we have time and space to choose the accessories, the furniture, the appliances. Outside of metaphor, it is necessary to continue the virtuous cycle of detoxification by drinking Wheatgrass juice and eating raw and fresh foods (carrots, celery, spinach, cereal herbs). But also to start or resume a regimen physical activity. No matter the age, as long as it is constant: walking, swimming, yoga. There are those who integrate with oxygen therapy sessions and bio-magnetism, taking relaxing baths with an exfoliating effect to remove excess cells

4- TAKE CARE: taking care is not enough if it is not integrated with a feeling of love and care for oneself. The lifestyle we adopt contributes to improving health or accelerating illness. Stress is the opposite of rest, so you can't change a person's health without changing their life. The right attitude towards life is part of the cure. The environment we live in, the ability to laugh and even love are part of the cure. Love also understood as our love for ourselves. And therefore the choices we make. Healing is impossible without the right rest which is the basic foundation of health together with water and oxygen

The Wheat Grass is therefore like a natural `` Chlorophyll Cocktail '' that helps healing because it produces new blood, increases the production of hemoglobin, heals wounds, cleans the colon, carries out an anti-bacterial action, brings a alkalizing effect, neutralizes toxins, detoxifies the liver, stimulates enzymatic activity, eliminates heavy metals present in the body

Il Dr. T Shibamoto of the University of California discovered a powerful new antioxidant present in the Wheat Grass called 2 '' - 0-GIV, an isoflavonoid soluble in both water and fat so that it can protect cells from oxidation damage. It is much more powerful than the Vitamin E and C. Wheat grass, however, contains all three of these principles in large quantities, guaranteeing a deep protective effect. Considering also the intervention of SOD (superoxide dismutase) one of the major antioxidants and anti-aging enzymes.

Each of us has the potential to rebalance our health with the changes it brings in our personal life (this is the goal) and the Wheat Grass is the energy supply that accompanies this lifestyle. 

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notes: Steve Meyerowitz `` Wheatgrass: The natural remedy par excellence ''