What role does nutrition play in these months upset by the Covid emergency?

Definitely central, especially in a period in which for various reasons we will spend a lot of time at home. Due to this situation of uncertainty, it is easy to put our stress on what we eat (incorrect nutrition, overeating…).

It is therefore important to take care of the way we feed ourselves by focusing on foods rich in active ingredients and vitamins, as the researchers of the ISS and CREA (2020) suggest, which reiterate to avoid fatty foods, excess carbohydrates, sugary drinks in favor of foods important for nourishment. It is also valuable to include in your diet antioxidant foods, that is, rich in substances able to counteract free radicals, the cause of cellular aging processes and weakening of the immune system. Health is a question of balance: every day we make decisions that affect our existence, and correct nutrition is one of them. Our body does not produce vitamins but limits itself to using those ingested with food.

An easy, healthy and tasty idea suitable for these difficult months is to prepare yourself at home centrifuged and natural smoothies, to strengthen us without the intake of multivitamins of chemical origin. Drinking a juice after home sports or an outdoor run is an excellent idea to recharge your batteries!

Wheatgrass is a natural product that is suitable to be mixed with all juices, smoothies, extracts and centrifuged. Easy to add in the form of freeze-dried powder, it is also perfect in yogurt, milk of vegetable origin and above salads to multiply the vitamin intake.

It is a mine of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll that can tone the body and mind, rebalancing the body's PH and preventing aging. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism, giving general well-being and a surge of energy. Un supplement natural with antioxidant properties as the LIO VERDE it can help the organism to reach the ration necessary for the physiology of the organism.

Another suitable option for these times is to build a Urban garden on a small scale with a few pots on the balcony, also involving their children in an educational activity to do at home, helping to make their city a little greener and eat self-produced vegetables. The same wheat grass it is easy to grow indoors on your balcony or windowsill (there are many tutorials on the web).