It might seem like a paradox: wheat is rich in gluten and therefore the '' forbidden '' food for those who are allergic to it. Wheat grass is totally `` free '' of gluten and therefore perfectly suitable for those with allergies. But so? Just a coincidence of name (the word '' wheat '') or is something wrong? None of this ... with the Wheat Grass everything always comes back!

It is true that many people wonder if they can take wheat grass even if allergic to wheat. These people are usually allergic to gluten, the cohesive protein found in wheat, barley and rye grains. Let's open a micro-parenthesis: the excessive consumption of flour-based products in the diet overloads the body. Wheat grass is different from wheat since it is a green vegetable that does not contain gluten so it is no longer allergenic like spinach, cabbage, chard and lettuce ... indeed, it contains anti-allergenic factors

Since allergies are responses of the immune system to toxic irritants, detoxification is essential for any allergy treatment. Colon health is critical in these cases. In addition to having purifying properties of the liver, detoxifying and oxygenating the blood, the herb covers the colon tissues with a layer of chlorophyll with softening effects and an anti-bacterial charge. Wheatgrass powder provides the body with vegetable fibres of high quality (double that contained in the bran) that help maintain the intestinal regularity. For example, adding a little Wheatgrass to the juice every day means drinking a healthy drink rich in fiber. In addition to taking it alone dissolved in water early in the morning or half an hour before lunch

The fact that the Wheat Grass shows itself almost with `` shyness '' must not, however, distance us from looking at it with the eyes of objectivity:EdG is a TOP of Category

Just one example: eggs are made up of 12% protein, meat 17%, wheat grass from 25% (vegetables) ... but we are not competing, nutrition is not a competition and we are not interested as much to eat more protein as to achieve a greater balance. It is not a question of quantity but of quality. Wheatgrass is a food of hope that promises iron health. It does not provide an `` instant high '' but gently leads to physical stamina, providing strength and longevity

Wheatgrass is a perfectly balanced source of nutrition. Contains in large quantities all Mineral salts most important, macro and micro-elements, but above all celcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium as well as trace minerals such as zinc and selenium: all important for the health of the immune and cardiovascular systems. It is also very rich in all B vitamins including thefolic acid, the pantothenic acid hill and is a plant source of the vitamin B-12. As we said before, the proteins contained in the Wheat Grass are in the form of polypeptides, simpler and shorter amino acid chains, which allow a faster and more effective assimilation by the body because they enter directly into circulation in the blood system and reach even fabrics quickly. The EdG understands at least 20 amino acids (essential and not). Its vitamin content is so complete that in 1939 dehydrated wheat grass was considered by theAssociation of American Doctors as a Natural Vitamin Food *

We have already spoken several times in our articles of the extraordinary wealth of natural active ingredients of Wheat Grass and its effective benefits on the body and immune system. But what we will never stop repeating is that having to face an incredible amount of challenges and efforts with a strong psychophysical impact (stress, fatigue, little rest, high rhythms, '' bad '' and disordered nutrition, tensions, seasonal ailments, health problems) we have a duty to put ourselves in the best conditions. The responsibility of preventing in the most natural way the effects of this concentrate of negative energy that contemporary reality seems unable to avoid creating and producing in exponential quantities. But we cannot '' abandon ourselves '' in a lazy apathy and inability to take the right positions

Nature has created some natural concentrates (we call them '' magical '' precisely because they are natural and '' not designed '') and destined them for our balance. Whether it's to prevent a cold, to regenerate cells and cleanse the organism, to strengthen the body or to regenerate our mental stamina. We owe it

This is why we would always be ready to talk for hours and hours, days and months about the Wheat Grass. But we prefer to advise you ... to try it for yourself. A 3 month cycle. Then tell us '' how you feel '', if there is '' something different ''. It's not a challenge… it's just a thing well done

* inspired by '' Wheatgrass - The natural remedy par excellence '' Steve Meyerowitz