Positive Energy is born from the Heart

It is said that doing something takes (more or less) the same amount of time to do it well or do it badly. And it's super true! Indeed, with the result that doing something wrong will ask us to do it again, wasting more time. And Energy!

Yes, because Energy is the key to everything. Have you ever wondered why the Generous people does it seem like they have a 45 hour day to get everything they do fit? and instead they have 24 hours available just like us. So what? Bionic? No, they simply put a sincere energy and passion into things that allows them to understand exactly how / where / why / when to do


they believe in themselves - they respect themselves and others - they bring forward inner growth - they look for positive people and situations - clear and clear goals - they offer presence and participation

You love them and you couldn't do without them but it freaks you out that they are traversed by this incredible ability to go straight to the simplicity of the point. We do not have time in a single life to do without all the resentments and burdens derived from continually rethinking / ruminating about how it could be, who we should have been and what we have not (yet) achieved in life. Suspended in a continuous gap between the Model we have given ourselves and the Reality we are building. Imprisoned in a very severe impatience, as if the results were to arrive immediately by law. Failing to accept or simply see that maybe we had to sow first ... or, mistakenly, understand how we should sow

Energy is Trust. Bringing that beautiful and enriching effort into our life that makes us feel at peace with ourselves, that drives away regret and allows us to bring out our true nature. To then recognize it, accept it and thus release energy. Not to be held back only to satisfy all our individual needs and desires but to be present and also participate in the life of those around us. '' Lending '', if necessary, a little of our energy to those who feel stuck in their steps and thoughts ... to those who were like us just a little earlier

Energy is a factor of clarity... I want to understand in order to be able to do or resolve and therefore I use all the time I have to focus every gesture on the right step. Altruism is giving energy to offer a moment of value to someone who needs words, time, advice, smiles. Sincere passion in listening to others. Offer the best of yourself, the best version of yourself. Already thinking it ... is Energy