White Blood Cells protect the body against infections and diseases and they are at the forefront of the defense of the immune system. The pituitary (pituitary) glands secrete hormones that control other endocrine glands and influence growth, metabolism, and maturation. Wheatgrass extract was added to cultures of human white blood cells and cell cultures of the anterior pituitary glands. The wheat grass extract stimulated the functions of the immune system and the production of growth hormones and prolactin. These hormones are linked to general health, reproductive health and other important physiological functions

The molecules responsible for these improvements are a water-soluble form of the VITAMIN E called `` a-tocopherol succinate '' which it is found in abundant quantities present in the extract of Wheatgrass. According to Dr Allan Goldstein '' we are now aware that VITAMIN E plays a very important metabolic role in maintaining the integrity of membranes and could reduce the risk of heart disease and lower the incidence of different types of cancers in humans, including those of the breast and colon ''

Studies on the subject revealed how this micro-nutrient was able to suppress the growth of cancer cells in cultures where other types of tocopherols were ineffective '' This suggests that '' a-tocopherol succinate '' plays the role of anti-tumor agent and modifier of human cell differentiation in the case of leukemia''¹

A clinical trial involved about 40 first and second year medical students: one half was given 6 grams of Wheatgrass extract for 71 days while the other half was given placebo. All were given blood tests before and after the test. The students who took the wheatgrass extract showed a statistically significant increase in their leukocyte component and a decrease in their lymphocytes: their immune capacity was stronger than that found in the placebo group

This is just one of the different evidences of how WHEAT GRASS is a concentrate of nutrients and active ingredients fundamental for the balance of the human organism and to strengthen the immune system as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies carried out, starting from the Years Thirty, from the best universities in the world, first of which the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of the University of Wisconsin (1935)

In particular, LIOVERDE stands out on the market for being the only cold-pressed product immediately after the shoots have reached the optimal size for cutting (15 centimeters). This procedure allows the protection of all the active ingredients contained in this 100% BIO natural remedy. Among these the most important VITAMINS: A, C, K and precisely E, the protagonist of what was previously described





¹ '' Wheatgrass: the natural remedy par excellence '' - Steve Meyerowitz