Spend 1 hour a week!

It is useless to add the obvious to this situation of uncertainty and concern: not knowing when this unimaginable parenthesis will end is perhaps the most difficult aspect to manage mentally and emotionally. Because there were norms and habits that worked, goals already targeted, desires in construction. Nothing is more destabilizing than having to look for other tracks on which to pass time and actions when what we had before worked

But it is also true that, in the objective and undeniable difficulty, many have been luckier. They were able to huddle in the safe places of everyday life, often together with loved ones. Or in any case with the remote support of family, friends and loved ones. Sometimes it is almost easier to understand that we are not alone just when, being alone, we realize that we are surrounded by love and thought. But it wasn't like that for everyone! Some have been and still are truly alone, without large support or companionship networks. People who have lost people or who did not have great emotional resources on which to count already in the normality ... but who at least managed to have a coffee at the bar and a chat, pretending to live a social normality. Seniors, singles, widowers, lonely people. Many would have paid to be able to share a moment of warmth even from a distance or remotely. A zoom, a video call, a walk around the block

What if this is the Moment of Giving ''? Whether in all this period in which we have snuggled up safely in our homes, with the warmth of loved ones or simply in the quiet of our own space. Which we have filled with everything that represents us: books, recipes, physical exercise and home work-out, children's homework, smart working, washing machines, TV series, serenades, side projects. We recharged ourselves, net of the uncertainty about what it will be, and we stocked up on `` pure '' air and individual energy

Good...What if we now consider offering some of our time to others? to a worthy cause, from volunteering to remote altruism? to get an elderly relative or acquaintance in difficulty to speak? to accompany someone to do something? even just asking someone `` how are you? '' but allowing yourself the time to listen sincerely and actively, truly participating in the story of others and not already mentally preparing our answer or opinion

We have no Recipe for Generosity but we are sure that everyone, drawing on their wonderful and rich humanity, knows tdiscover the way to offer 1 symbolic hour of your time to something / someone ... and discover that it feels good! Time is the only truly renewable resource we can rely on and can offer