mmm… I would like at all costs a fresh, healthy, nutritious, delicious and colorful cocktail! Maybe I ask a little too much? Isn't there a summer drink that combines all these qualities? Yet in the summer I need to cool off, to guarantee the body all the correct nutrients to stay in full form, to enjoy a colorful moment as the right reward for a truly '' different '' and challenging year

It doesn't have to be alcoholic, as long as it makes me feel good and gives me an `` invisible '' charge, that I relax but at the same time is regenerating. I know, it's like saying I would like to feel super fit sitting down for a drink while reading a good book. Almost a contradiction, an oxymoron

But you can! YES WE CAN! Someone important said only a few years ago ... It is always and only a question of RIGHT INGREDIENTS or MAGIC TOUCH. The right ingredients vary and are subjective from taste to taste, however, the magic touch is only one: WHEAT GRASS

Exactly! The most incredible Super Food existing in Nature… Rich in all the Active Ingredients needed to cleanse / regenerate / energize the body in an incredible way. How to get a totally natural refill directly from the healthiest source of all: Nature in Person

Imagine one of these scenes and find yourself

a) Poolside, very hot and with that beautiful sense of numbness that does not make you decide whether to advance between the pages of the book, whether to dive for yet another bathroom, whether to go and play in the water with complaining and screaming children, whether to lie down a little more on your back to even out the tan

b) Upon returning after a walk in the countryside / mountains where fortunately we have disposed of the pounds of the previous dinner with friends and relatives. Just showered but still wearing that beautiful healthy tiredness and that desire to sit down, drink something fresh and recover some strength to let the little ones do their holiday homework or find the desire to go shopping or read a book before dinner

c) Full morning, between breakfast and lunch and between boredom and desire. The apotheosis of indecision, almost dragging around the house without knowing exactly what to do. The holiday is a huge sheet to fill with things to do but often we "lack" the strength to start. We would need a little boost of healthy energy

d) Before dinner, on the terrace or balcony to look at the infinite ... not for an irrepressible attack of Poetry but simply for that feeling of low batteries between heat / cool, movement / pause, duty / pleasure. When all you need is to indulge in rest but with a touch of vitality needed to prepare for the evening

And it is Summer and you are thirsty. Just a super classic of the Summer and summer is the perfect time to sip something perfect, then tasty cocktails made with fresh fruit mixed with the magic touch: WHEAT JUICE. Allowing yourself a moment of pure relaxation with a natural centrifuged, rich in antioxidant and energizing properties. And here comes LIO VERDE, the Best Wheatgrass Juice due to the very high concentration of Chlorophyll and Natural Active Ingredients 


 ''LV GREEN PASSION # 1 '' (juice of kiwi, oranges and wheat grass juice)

Very easy to make is a cool drink - heat-proof - and it is immediately summer! Kiwi, also famous for its high content of vitamin C, potassium and iron, is the protagonist of this juice together with oranges. Combine 2 peeled oranges with 3 kiwis, a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder and that's it! Activate your centrifuge and immediately drink this prodigious juice to recharge your batteries!

* Bonus for the hangover after a `` champion '' evening

For the more "green" we would like to suggest a vegetable juice, perfect to enjoy after an evening in which you have exaggerated a little. A drink made from spinach, celery, cucumber, apples and wheatgrass. The recipe includes a mix of 2 celery stalks, a teaspoon of wheat grass, a bunch of spinach and a green apple. You will get a juice with important detoxifying properties, especially thanks to the purifying power of the chlorophyll contained in wheat grass.